Recreational Fishing Steadily Dropping


From a Capital Public Radio Report

by Rich Ibarra

California has become the second most expensive state in the nation to purchase a fishing license. It’s just behind Washington State. In 1980 a fishing license sold for $5. Now the basic cost is 47 dollars, and other permits could push the cost to 120 dollars. Marko Mlikotin is head of the California Sportfishing League; he says a new study going back to 1980 shows the high price of licenses has pushed down the number of people who fish. “The number of anglers has dropped more than 55 percent in the state of California. At this rate it could drop nearly another 50 percent over the next 10-15 years.” Mlikotin says the state should offer family packages and  lower the cost for 2 day licenses. He also says licenses should be good for 12 months from the date of purchase rather than expiring at the end of the year. Fishing brings $5 billion into the U.S. economy including jobs, tourism, and retail sales. Mlikotin says California was once near the top of angler participation. It’s now dead last.

Are Costs, Lack of Value Contributing Factors to an Unprecedented Decline of Recreational Fishing in Califo…